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Welcome to Medix - Wholesalers of Quality Products
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Medix is a wholesale entity to provide bona fide resellers with the best quality products and at the right price.

This is our new, fast, no-frills site that provides concise information for you to quickly determine the product you are interested in. Once you have decided your interest, call us to discuss your options and get a quote.

Medix offers you a range of quality products at affordable prices. Here is an overview of what we supply.



  • Drug Testing:

    • Saliva and Urine Drug Testing equipment.

  • Alcohol Testing

    • Saliva Alcohol Tests - Disposable
    • Breath Alcohol Tests - Disposable & Digital
  • Consumables:

    • We supply a range of consumable products to complement our main ranges, such as gloves, wipes, bluing agents, chain of custody forms, etc. etc.

If you are looking for something and can't find it here, contact us and we would be happy to reference our large network of suppliers and providers to assist you finding what you are looking for.

We'll look forward to talking to you soon, and we hope you enjoy the site!